Wycliffe's work in Cameroon....   Wycliffe sent its first missionary to Cameroon to lay
groundwork in 1967.  Today, there are nearly 110 adult Wycliffe members, from twelve different sending countries working together to facilitate the task of Bible translation in Cameroon.  Currently  New Testament translation projects are in progress in 80 languages.  Already 60 languages have NTs and 20 have the entire Bible translated.

Our role in Aviation...   

As a missionary pilot/mechanic family it is our privilege and responsibility to support the work of Bible Translation by providing safe and reliable transportation into the remote areas where our language teams are living and working.  The first airplane arrived to serve our mission in 1974. Currently we have two airplanes and one helicopter that help us accomplish this task.  Often our flights carry us into the neighboring countries as well.  It is such a joy to have a small, but very important part in what God is doing in Cameroon and central Africa.  In addition to providing air transport for our Wycliffe colleagues, our aviation department is also available to serve other Christian missions.  Their ministries include evangelism, pastoral and leadership training, medical mission work, community development and church planting.   As missionary aviation is a costly venture, we also offer services to select clients, normally non-profit organizations doing humanitarian or development work in the region, as means for generating income that helps our mission flying to remain affordable.  This is a common trend throughout the world of missionary aviation.

Our involvement with Wycliffe and JAARS...

Even before we were married, we knew that God was leading us into service as missionaries, particularly involved with missionary aviation.  As we began to investigate the various missions that have need of aviation personnel,  we were drawn toward Wycliffe/JAARS.  Key to this was my short-term mission experience in Wycliffe’s aviation program in Peru in 1995.  As we inquired and became more familiar with Wycliffe and Bible translation we felt strongly it was the direction God had for us.  He continued to open the doors and we became members in January 2000.

As I am a pilot/mechanic, we are also associated with JAARS (formerly known as Jungle Aviation And Radio Service), headquartered in Waxhaw, NC, where Daryl often travels for training or conference objectives. 

SIL is a sister organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT).  We were asked by WBT to accept an assignment with SIL Cameroon, where we have served ever since.  The journey is summarized below.

After one year of both training and deputation we moved to France for 18 months of French Study, followed by a 4-month African Orientation Course in Cameroon.  We returned to the USA for pilot re-currency before arriving in Cameroon in February of 2003 to begin serving.  Following a one-year furlough we began our second term as missionary pilot/mechanic family when we returned to Cameroon in Aug of 2006. 

In the Spring of 2007 I accepted the role of Aviation Department Manager.  I found this challenging and rewarding as I led a team of 7 families and one single missionary and 3 Cameroonian employees.  Piloting remained the highlight in my work, but I also enjoyed the other roles that comprised my assignment.

During our third term, 2010-2013, my primary roles included Pilot-Mechanic, Chief Pilot and Aviation Safety Officer.  My work duties varied, with most of them being very interesting and enjoyable. 

This being our fourth term overseas, I again was asked to manage the Aviation Department and sometimes caring other roles too for temporary periods.   The department consists of 2 Cameroonian staff members, plus 5 missionary families, with families 6 and 7 on the way... and still more needed.  

Sun keeps busy managing our home and schedules.  She assists part-time in support of Rain Forest International School (RFIS), where she is the Public Relations Assistant to the Director and Assistant to the Finance Director.  RFIS is the mission middle and high school where Caleb and Hannah attend, and from which Abby graduated in 2017.  For 2 years Sun was the Running Club Coordinator.  This involved guiding 20+ students from 6km the first week up to 39km at the peak of training, all in prep for the infamous Mt Cameroon Climb.

Re-elected to the Entity Committee and serving my final year, I also serve in this capacity for SIL Cameroon, our local mission here in Yaounde.  The EC monitors the SIL Cameroon administration and offers guidance as to the mission’s vision, mission statement, strategy, core values, its Ends and Executive Limitations.  The committee meets several times a year and is a primary vehicle by which governance (not administration) of our branch of SIL occurs.


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