We are very happy to share our testimony with anyone who

will take a few moments to read a little about what God has

done and is doing in our lives.  God has used many people,

experiences, His Word and the Holy Spirit to lead us into His

plan for our lives.  We praise God for His goodness and faith-


     Daryl came to know Jesus as his Savior as a youngster.  He grew up in a loving Christian home. His father died in a boating accident when Daryl was almost two years old.  Four years later his mom remarried a wonderful Christian man-an answer to Daryl’s prayers for a “Daddy.”

     During high school his aviation interest began to grow and continued through college and beyond.  He was aware of missionary aviation and intrigued by it, but set his sites on an airline career. Pursuing that goal he received pilot training, eventually becoming a flight instructor.  But that goal changed at Promise Keepers ’94.  “It was there that God spoke to me about my priorities.  That day I knew He was redirecting me to use my gifts and skills as a missionary pilot.”

     From that time on, God opened the doors for Daryl to receive aircraft maintenance training and work experience in that field.  He also had opportunities to keep current in flying.  Each step shown evidence of God’s involvement in his preparation.

    Sun was born in Hong Kong and moved with her family to the U.S. when she was five years old.  She became a Christian in high school after being invited to a friend’s church.  Being a part of that church was key to deepening her faith.  Missions and Christ’s Great Commission “to go into all the world” gained new meaning for her at Urbana ’90.  And Sun’s year of teaching English in China was key to her own desire of becoming a missionary.

    Daryl and Sun met during a short-term mission trip to Mexicali, Mexico, sponsored by Azusa Pacific University, a school neither attended.  They see their invitations to participate with a group going as something God ordained. They were married in June of ’97.  They have three children, Abigail Clare, Caleb James and Hannah Lucile.

    While becoming acquainted with Wycliffe, the Youngs grasped the need and a vision of participating in helping to bring God’s word to people who don’t yet have it in their heart language.  Using the gifts and skills God had given them, they desired to be part of this mission team, using aviation to support the translators and literacy workers living in remote regions.  This eventually lead to a field assignment in Cameroon.

5Youngs in Africa

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