5Youngs in Africa

Prayer Request
  1. BulletCameroon as a nation is undergoing severe strife.  The NW and SW Regions are closed to our mission personnel to travel, live and work there, as precaution against the increasing instability involving a secessionist movement.  The Extreme North Region continues to be under threat of Boko Haram terrorism and the eastern border regions suffer from armed banditry coming across the border.  Pray for peaceful solutions that involve justice, reconciliation and revival in Cameroon.

  2. BulletFamily... that God would have his way in each of our hearts to transform us and complete the good work He has begun in our lives.

  3. BulletParenting continues to be a joy and comes with its share of frustrations.  Pray that in all we do as parents we will strive to please our Lord, seeking His wisdom and guidance.  Pray that our children’s hearts will remain soft and open to His work in their lives.

  4. BulletAbby in 2nd year of college, far away from the rest of us... difficult for us all.

  5. BulletCaleb in his Senior year at Rain Forest Int’l School, making decisions about future and college.

  6. BulletHannah, facing the dread of leaving her world here in Cameroon for her 10th grade school year in a strange California High School.  Not easy.

  7. BulletPlanning and preparations for our upcoming furlough year to begin in July 2019.  It was July of 2014 that we left California to return to Cameroon for this term of service. We are tired and ready for a time near our loved ones back home - family, friends and home church.

  8. BulletSpiritual vitality - living for Christ and maintaining a daily posture of humble acceptance of God’s work in our hearts, minds, dreams, habits, priorities, attitudes and choices is just as difficult in Cameroon, sometimes more, than in our home cultures and in a secular work environments.  Pray that God will penetrate the stubborn places in our lives and that we’ll grow deeper in our walk with Him.

  9. BulletThat we can effectively challenge and encourage our ministry partners, whom we thank God for everyday.

  10. BulletHearing the Lord’s voice and finding the right solutions to the challenges faced in our mission work of Bible Translation, Language Development, Missionary Aviation and MK Education.

  11. BulletStaffing needed in our aviation department.

  12. BulletWisdom for Daryl as he manages the SIL Cameroon Aviation Department.

  13. BulletA solution for our aging Cessna 206 airplane, now 44 years old, 24 years in Cameroon and over 14,500 hours of flight time, 12,500 in Cameroon and the region.  PTL!

  14. BulletThe R66 helicopter is unable to be based in its normal home region due to security issues.  It currently is based at our hangar in Yaounde.  Pray for increased and strategic uses, even while it is bases in Yaounde.

  15. BulletTeachers and administrators needed at Rain Forest Int’l School.

  16. BulletStability in the central African region, especially with Central African Republic (C.A.R.) in deep turmoil, with refugees flooding into Cameroon and neighboring countries.

  17. BulletThe Democratic Republic of Congo again suffering internal and violent conflict.

  18. BulletSIL International leadership as it leads our mission into the future, for wisdom, clarity and unity.

  19. BulletWycliffe Bible Translators USA as it prepares to elect a new President to lead WBT USA. Wycliffe partners with SIL entities and other Bible translations agencies to help advance God’s word into languages still in need.


  1. BulletHealth and Safety, for our family, and our missionary colleagues.

  2. BulletThe kids are all doing well in their schooling.

  3. BulletGod’s provision for our family continues to meet our needs, blessing us in many ways.  We praise God for our faithful prayer and financial partners that are standing with us, caring for us in their prayer support, generous and sacrificial giving, and through encouraging notes and emails now and then. We are blessed and can testify, that if God is leading you from some place of familiarity into some place unknown - trust Him and be blessed.  Where God leads, God feeds. Where He guides, he provides.

  4. BulletSafety in our flight and aircraft maintenance operations.  This is a work environment abundant in risks, which we work hard and pray often for good mitigating strategies and solid procedures that provide margin.

  5. BulletThe Robinson R66 is here!  Praise God for His provision.  Thank you for praying and giving toward this project.

  6. BulletNew aviation staff coming as long-term assignment... the Rickert family.

  7. BulletThe orphanage ministry that we support - Helping Hands Children’s Home (HHCH) has begun construction of the next housing phase, one half of the Duplex proposed.  Thank you to all you prayed and gave toward this project.

  8. BulletRain Forest Int’l School completed all of basic construction work of the outdoor covered gym.   This will greatly enhance the school’s programs of PE, sports, community events and more.  With extreme weather conditions of hot sun and heavy rains, this will enable classes and other uses to continue when in the past events were cancelled or postponed due to rain.

  9. BulletMore languages than ever in Cameroon now have access to scripture, in many forms.  Printed New Testaments and Bibles as you would expect, but also audio, phone apps, video, etc.

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