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5Youngs in Africa


Sponsor a Court – Volleyball Outreach           

Goal = 8 Court Kits

Progress Update:    6 of 8 courts sponsored

Objectives:  We envision at least two channels of use for these portable volleyball kits, both aimed at encountering Cameroonians with the gospel message.

***If you are considering sponsoring court number 7 or 8, please contact me ahead of placing the order.  Since it is more than 2 years since I was in touch with the VB kit supplier, it’d be good for me to engage again with volleyball USA before a new order is placed.     Thanks. DY

REPORT on actual usage as of May 2016.

Feb 2015.  Rain Forest Int’l School (RFIS) High School Retreat.  MKs and Cameroonian students used one VB kit for portable play as set up by retreat organizers.

April  2015.  First Annual HHCH Grass VB Tournament, organized by Daryl, hosted at RFIS. Multiple objectives, community fun, outreach and fundraiser for Help Hands Children’s Home, an orphanage here in Cameroon.  Four courts used.

July 2015.  Trinity VB Camp, organized by Didier Essama and Trinity VB Club, hosted at RFIS. Objective - this week long camp brought VB and the gospel together as Cameroonian kids (mostly) were introduced or advance their VB skills and play, with Christ centered teaching and challenges presented daily.

Sept 2015.  4-on-4 Grass VB Tournament , organized by Stacey Cawley, hosted at RFIS. Double objectives- community fun and fundraiser benefiting Trinity VB Club.  Four courts used.

Nov 2015.  Farewell to missionary colleagues, organized by Daryl, hosted at SIL Aviation Hangar - Men’s Steak Night Out.  One court used, (one portable basketball court also), brought together 28 men from our missionary community in Yaounde.

March 11, 2016.  Second Annual HHCH Grass VB Tournament, organized by Daryl, hosted at RFIS.  Multiple objectives achieved - community fun, outreach and fundraiser for Help Hands Children’s Home, an orphanage here in Cameroon.  Six courts used.

April 11, 2016.  As part of multi-activity event for celebrating SIL Aviation’s 40 years serving Bible Translation and the missionary community in Cameroon.  One court used.

One:  Grass Volleyball Tournament

Imagine, several hundred young Cameroonians gather to compete in an annual grass volleyball tournament hosted by Rain Forest International School (RFIS).  RFIS is the mission Middle and High School that Abby and Caleb attend, and Hannah will too, eventually.

Rarely or never have these young people encountered such an event.  The field of play is on a well maintained soccer field that has been transformed into an 8 – court volleyball arena.  The day is filled with fun, food, Christ centered music and, during intermission, the RFIS Drama-Evangelism team will perform a number of skits designed to introduce guests to the Gospel.  A brief message and testimony will be shared, encouraging listeners to turn their hearts toward Christ Jesus, the only true hope for all mankind.  While the “Grass Volleyball Tournament” is what draws the people, right before the eyes of our guests, Christ is lived out, bringing opportunities of sharing His love in word and deed. 

Two:  Village Sports Evangelism/Outreach

Students at RFIS have successfully conducted village outreaches surrounding soccer, the nation's favorite sport.  Every village has a soccer field and loads of kids.  However, what a special appeal to introduce a new sport that can be portable and travel to the village.  Using the village's soccer field, several portable courts can be quickly set up, and student-to-village encounter will be immediate.  The RFIS Sport Evangelism Teams will have another vehicle to bridge the “stranger” gap, making new friends, introducing Cameroonians to an unfamiliar sport and again providing a platform for the Drama Evangelism Team to share the gospel message, pointing these villagers to Jesus.  For a glimpse of how a village Volleyball Outreach might look, view this link on YouTube to witness the RFIS Girls Soccer Team using sport to reach out.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlGLU1vS3-c&feature=youtu.be

While volleyball is not foreign to Cameroon, it is not well known, except within upper level schools and clubs.  But Cameroonian children love to play and to learn new games and sports.  The sponsorship of a court will bring much enjoyment into the lives of many young Cameroonians.

How can you or your family or Home Group, Cell Group, Sunday School Class, Troop or Sport Club sponsor a court (or several)?

If this project touches your heart and you want to be involved, its not really all that difficult to be a Sponsor and provide a court.  It's a 3-step process. 

    Step one, follow instructions below by placing an order by phone using your credit card.

    Step two, mail a check for $40 as described below to pay for shipping the kit to Cameroon. 

    Step three, let me know you have ordered a kit so I can update the Project Status at top of this page.  

That's it!  You will have completed the Sponsorship of one Volleyball Court.

Kit Details...  The selected kit is high quality and expected to last for many years of service in Cameroon. It is the Competitive System: 2" ATS with Webbing Guywires from www.volleyballUSA.com. Durability is very important because in the tournament play, high level club players are expected and strong components will be needed.  Secondly, as these will be set-up and taken-down, transported to village environments, in-use in tropical weather settings, high quality parts are required.  To view the exact system, visit http://www.volleyballusa.com/Catalog/Nets/2-Inch-ATS-Volleyball-System.html



Instructions for ordering a kit....

Call VolleyballUSA.com at 1 (800) 494-3933.  In placing the order by phone you will benefit from the small price reduction (-$6) and FREE shipping, valued at approximately $25.

Ask to speak with MASON.  He is the sales rep that will be following the agreed-upon order details.

In summary, there is a small price reduction and FREE shipping to JAARS, where the kit will join a Sea Freight container destined for our mission in Cameroon.

The kit normal price is $341 plus shipping.  No sales tax incurred.

When ordered through MASON using “Cameroon 2014” as the code, the kit cost is $335 with free shipping. MASON should have the shipping instructions.  But for your knowledge, each kit will be shipped to:

Daryl Young (CAMEROON 2014) SF/CMB

JAARS Int'l Shipping

7601 Radin Rd.

Waxhaw, NC 28173

(704) 843-6090


Your gift of $40 to pay the Sea Freight charge is made payable by check written to:

Summer Institute of Linguistics

In the MEMO write  “CMB 444242RFE52 #5936”


Also include a note stating:

“Shipping for VB kit RFIS

CMB 444242RFE52 #5936  RFIS Equipment Project (VB)”

Mail Check to:

Summer Institute of Linguistics

ATTN:  International Finance Office

7500 W Camp Wisdom Road

Dallas, TX  75236


Let me know you have placed an order so that I can update the Project Status at the top of this page.

That's it.  Thank you!

If anything is unclear or you have any questions... don’t hesitate to ask.  Email me at daryl_young@sil.org